PCI-ISA Bus Expansion Kit


ACCES's PCI to ISA Bus Expansion Interconnect Kit, model PCI-ISA, allows you to expand your PCI Personal Computer system without timing or noise problems. It provides hardware transparent, active bus extension and conversion between a host computer’s PCI slot and a remote expansion chassis’ ISA backplane.

The kit consists of two cards, a cable assembly, and a 3½" installation floppy disk. The Expansion Transmitter card plugs into the host computer and the Expansion Receiver plugs into the expansion chassis backplane. A shielded, high-noise-immunity cable inter-connects the two cards.

The PCI transmitter card is installed like any other PCI card in Windows 95/98. Upon boot up, the system will display a “found new hardware” dialog box. The “driver” for the card is on the floppy disk, and you’ll follow the on-screen prompts to complete installation. The kit is ideal if you have existing software for an application and buy a new computer with no ISA slots to duplicate the system, as long as your ISA cards do not use DMA or Bus Mastering. IRQs 2-7 are now fully supported in DOS and Windows 95/98.

The kit is available as PCI-ISA, with a one meter cable, or as PCI-ISA6, with a two meter cable.

Configuration Utility

The configuration utility also allows the user to select which addresses are not passed to the expansion chassis. This program is required for proper operation.

Detailed List of Known Limitations

The current version of the PCI-ISA Expansion Kit has some limitations compared to our PTRC-AT ISA to ISA Bus Expansion Kit. Specifically:

The PCI-ISA does not currently support Plug-n-Play (PnP) devices located in the Expansion Chassis, on motherboards without built-in ISA PnP support.

The PCI-ISA does not support DMA operations in the Expansion Chassis.

The PCI-ISA’s support for Memory on ISA cards is not documented. Very few modern ISA cards are Memory mapped. Please contact us for more information if you need Memory support.

The current software provided with the PCI-ISA is only compatible with DOS, Win3.x, and Win9x operating systems. Full source code is provided on the floppy disk allowing you to convert the code for use for other operating systems. Additionally, we will be providing enhanced operating system support in the future. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding this source code.

Available Software Downloads

Drivers and Downloads

Full list of available Downloads: Software Packages, Drivers, Manuals, and other documents

Custom Software

ACCES also offers Custom Software Services for our products. Our prices are unbelievably low, often as inexpensive as free! If you need something tweaked to support your needs, or an entire enterprise application developed from scratch, it is definitely worth your time to inquire with us, first.

Further information about available ACCES Software:

Redistributing Windows Drivers
A list of ACCES drivers and the files that compose them under different versions of Windows, so you can easily redistribute ACCES cards and drivers.

Regulatory Compliance

  • This product is in full compliance with CE requirements.
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