PCI Express Mini Card Products (mPCIe)

PCI Express Mini Card Products (mPCIe)



PCI Express Mini Card, commonly abbreviated as mPCIe, or Mini PCIe, is a newer form-factor for PCI Express devices. Designed with the older Mini PCI standard in mind they are the same basic form-factor (commonly used in small-form-factor devices like laptops and other portables) but lack the retention clips of Mini PCI. Unlike the original PCI Express bus, Mini PCIe provides both the standard PCI Express and USB 2.0 signals, allowing flexibility in peripheral design. The standard is highly suitable for industrial automation and test in vehicle, mobile, or any other shock / vibration sensitive application.

mPCIe was originally developed for adding wireless features to notebook computers, isolating the notebooks’ logic board design cycles from the ever-evolving Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and cellular specifications. Unlike its predecessor the PCI Mini Card, mPCIe cards include mounting provisions, preventing any vibration or shock issues common to the older standard. A full size mPCIe device is less than 30 x 51 x 6mm in size, and the Industrial and Military DAQ market has pounced on the standard as a rugged-yet-tiny replacement for the larger legacy options. Perfect for space-constrained systems such as laptops, embedded systems, or industrial PCs.

Selecting mPCIe makes it possible to increase flexibility while reducing size and weight, without sacrificing ruggedness. A COM carrier board or SBC can be designed with all the DAQ I/O and PC interfaces the requirement demands, yet have one, two, even four or more expansion slots available for handling the contingencies of the real world.

Another benefit of the smaller mPCIe standard is a focused approach to I/O expansion: the limited PCB and connector real estate eliminates the unused I/O types and channels common to the one-size-fits-all “multifunction data acquisition system” devices often seen on the larger legacy interfaces.

Performance is assured with the mPCIe’s PCI Express interface, but real flexibility in I/O design is also possible: the mPCIe connector includes a USB 2.0 interface, as well as SMBus and support for future expansion busses. These extra interfaces greatly reduce the time-to-market and upfront costs of bringing new I/O devices to the mPCIe bus, which assures a broad selection of I/O to match application requirements.

Mini PCIe cards have an advantage when it comes to size. They are also designed for rugged environments with mounting holes to keep the boards in place. Cables also tend to be smaller in diameter, often simplifying cable routing.

ACCES mPCIe expansion modules include analog in, analog out, serial RS-232, RS-422, RS-485, CAN, digital I/O, relay I/O and more. By using mPCIe, design engineers can easily and economically provide numerous configurations to customers, and expand product features or signal-handling capability.

Read our article “mPCIe Takes on Shrinking Footprints/Growing Challenges” here to learn more about the PCI Express Mini Card form factor.

mPCIe Products


Multifunction Analog Input/Output DAQ on PCI Express Mini Card (mPCIe)

Model# of InputsResBip RngSpeed# DACsDigital I/OXThf:att:pa_inputshf:att:pa_res-inputhf:att:pa_bip-rg-inputhf:att:pa_speedhf:att:pa_outputshf:att:pa_digital-i-ohf:att:pa_xt
mPCIe-AIO16-16F8 SE, 4 Diff, 16 SE, 8 DIF1671MHz ×242 I/OYesShow details8-se-4-diff 16-se-8-dif1671mhz-x242-i-oyes
mPCIe-AIO16-16A8 SE, 4 Diff, 16 SE, 8 DIF167500kHz42 I/OYesShow details8-se-4-diff 16-se-8-dif167500khz42-i-oyes
mPCIe-AIO16-16E8 SE, 4 Diff, 16 SE, 8 DIF167250kHz42 I/OYesShow details8-se-4-diff 16-se-8-dif167250khz42-i-oyes
mPCIe-AI16-16F8 SE, 4 Diff, 16 SE, 8 DIF1671MHz ×22 I/OYesShow details8-se-4-diff 16-se-8-dif1671mhz-x26342-i-oyes
mPCIe-AI16-16A8 SE, 4 Diff, 16 SE, 8 DIF167500kHz2 I/OYesShow details8-se-4-diff 16-se-8-dif167500khz6342-i-oyes
mPCIe-AI16-16E8 SE, 4 Diff, 16 SE, 8 DIF167250kHz2 I/OYesShow details8-se-4-diff 16-se-8-dif167250khz6342-i-oyes
mPCIe-AIO12-16A8 SE, 4 Diff, 16 SE, 8 DIF127500kHz42 I/OYesShow details8-se-4-diff 16-se-8-dif127500khz42-i-oyes
mPCIe-AIO12-168 SE, 4 Diff, 16 SE, 8 DIF127250kHz42 I/OYesShow details8-se-4-diff 16-se-8-dif127250khz42-i-oyes
mPCIe-AIO12-16E8 SE, 4 Diff, 16 SE, 8 DIF127100kHz42 I/OYesShow details8-se-4-diff 16-se-8-dif127100khz42-i-oyes
mPCIe-AI12-16A8 SE, 4 Diff, 16 SE, 8 DIF127500kHz2 I/OYesShow details8-se-4-diff 16-se-8-dif127500khz6342-i-oyes
mPCIe-AI12-168 SE, 4 Diff, 16 SE, 8 DIF127250kHz2 I/OYesShow details8-se-4-diff 16-se-8-dif127250khz6342-i-oyes
mPCIe-AI12-16E8 SE, 4 Diff, 16 SE, 8 DIF127100kHz2 I/OYesShow details8-se-4-diff 16-se-8-dif127100khz6342-i-oyes
mPCIe-ADIO16-8F8 SE, 4 Diff1671MHz416 I/OYesShow details8-se-4-diff1671mhz416-i-oyes
mPCIe-ADIO16-8A8 SE, 4 Diff167500kHz416 I/OYesShow details8-se-4-diff167500khz416-i-oyes
mPCIe-ADIO16-8E8 SE, 4 Diff167250kHz416 I/OYesShow details8-se-4-diff167250khz416-i-oyes
mPCIe-ADI16-8F8 SE, 4 Diff1671MHz16 I/OYesShow details8-se-4-diff1671mhz63416-i-oyes
mPCIe-ADI16-8A8 SE, 4 Diff167500kHz16 I/OYesShow details8-se-4-diff167500khz63416-i-oyes
mPCIe-ADI16-8E8 SE, 4 Diff167250kHz16 I/OYesShow details8-se-4-diff167250khz63416-i-oyes
mPCIe-ADIO12-8A8 SE, 4 Diff127500kHz416 I/OYesShow details8-se-4-diff127500khz416-i-oyes
mPCIe-ADIO12-88 SE, 4 Diff127250kHz416 I/OYesShow details8-se-4-diff127250khz416-i-oyes
mPCIe-ADIO12-8E8 SE, 4 Diff127100kHz416 I/OYesShow details8-se-4-diff127100khz416-i-oyes
mPCIe-ADI12-8A8 SE, 4 Diff127500kHz16 I/OYesShow details8-se-4-diff127500khz63416-i-oyes
mPCIe-ADI12-88 SE, 4 Diff127250kHz16 I/OYesShow details8-se-4-diff127250khz63416-i-oyes
mPCIe-ADI12-8E8 SE, 4 Diff127100kHz16 I/OYesShow details8-se-4-diff127100khz63416-i-oyes

Digital (TTL/CMOS) Input/Output on PCI Express Mini Card (mPCIe)

ModelDigital I/OOPTOsRelayCountersCoS IRQXThf:att:pa_digital-i-ohf:att:pa_optoshf:att:pa_relayhf:att:pa_countershf:att:pa_coshf:att:pa_xt
mPCIe-DIO-24A24 I/O (8/8/4/4)16YesYesShow details24-i-o-8-8-4-457257016yesyes
mPCIe-DIO-2424 I/O (8/8/4/4)NoYesShow details24-i-o-8-8-4-4572570629noyes
mPCIe-DIO-24S24 I/O (8/8/4/4)YesYesShow details24-i-o-8-8-4-4572570629yesyes

Relays (Electromechanical (EM) and Solid-State (FET)) Outputs and Isolated Inputs on PCI Express Mini Card (mPCIe)

ModelDigital I/OOPTOsRelayCountersCOSXThf:att:pa_digital-i-ohf:att:pa_optoshf:att:pa_relayhf:att:pa_countershf:att:pa_coshf:att:pa_xt
mPCIe-IIRO-44 In & 4 OutYes4 EMYesYesShow details4-in-4-outyes4629yesyes
mPCIe-RO-88 OutNo8 EMNoYesShow details8-outno8629noyes
mPCIe-IIRO-88 In & 8 OutYes8 EMYesYesShow details8-in-8-outyes8629yesyes
mPCIe-IDIO-44 In & 4 OutYes4 SSYesYesShow details4-in-4-outyes4-ss629yesyes
mPCIe-IDIO-88 In & 8 OutYes8 SSYesYesShow details8-in-8-outyes8-ss629yesyes
mPCIe-IDO-88 OutNo8 SSNoYesShow details8-outno8-ss629noyes
mPCIe-II-44 InYesYesYesShow details4-inyes570629yesyes
mPCIe-II-88 InYesYesYesShow details8-inyes570629yesyes
mPCIe-II-1616 InYesYesYesShow details16-inyes570629yesyes

Serial Communications (incl Isolated) on PCI Express Mini Card (mPCIe)

ModelRS-232RS-422RS-485Max BaudIsolationLRG FIFOConnectorXThf:att:pa_rs-232hf:att:pa_rs-422hf:att:pa_rs-485hf:att:pa_baudhf:att:pa_isolationhf:att:pa_lrg-fifohf:att:pa_connectorhf:att:pa_xt
mPCIe-ICM422-1None1None3MYesYesHirose 5-pin Latching, Cabled DB9YesShow detailsnone1none3myesyeshirose-5-pin-latching cabled-db9yes
mPCIe-ICM422-2None2None3MYesYesHirose 5-pin Latching, Cabled DB9YesShow detailsnone2none3myesyeshirose-5-pin-latching cabled-db9yes
mPCIe-ICM422-4None4None3MYesYesHirose 5-pin Latching, Cabled DB9YesShow detailsnone4none3myesyeshirose-5-pin-latching cabled-db9yes
mPCIe-ICM485-1NoneNone13MYesYesHirose 5-pin Latching, Cabled DB9YesShow detailsnonenone13myesyeshirose-5-pin-latching cabled-db9yes
mPCIe-ICM485-2NoneNone23MYesYesHirose 5-pin Latching, Cabled DB9YesShow detailsnonenone23myesyeshirose-5-pin-latching cabled-db9yes
mPCIe-ICM485-4NoneNone43MYesYesHirose 5-pin Latching, Cabled DB9YesShow detailsnonenone43myesyeshirose-5-pin-latching cabled-db9yes
mPCIe-ICM232-22NoneNone921.6kYesYesHirose 5-pin Latching, Cabled DB9YesShow details2nonenone921-6kyesyeshirose-5-pin-latching cabled-db9yes
mPCIe-ICM232-44NoneNone921.6kYesYesHirose 5-pin Latching, Cabled DB9YesShow details4nonenone921-6kyesyeshirose-5-pin-latching cabled-db9yes
mPCIe-COM232-44NoneNone921.6kNoYesHirose 6-pin Latching, Cabled DB9YesShow details4nonenone921-6knoyeshirose-6-pin-latching cabled-db9yes
mPCIe-COM-4SNone443MNoYesHirose 6-pin Latching, Cabled DB9YesShow detailsnone443mnoyeshirose-6-pin-latching cabled-db9yes
mPCIe-COM-2SNone223MNoYesHirose 6-pin Latching, Cabled DB9YesShow detailsnone223mnoyeshirose-6-pin-latching cabled-db9yes
mPCIe-COM-2SM2223M, 921.6kNoYesHirose 6-pin Latching, Cabled DB9YesShow details2223m 921-6knoyeshirose-6-pin-latching cabled-db9yes
mPCIe-COM-4SM4443M, 921.6kNoYesHirose 6-pin Latching, Cabled DB9YesShow details4443m 921-6knoyeshirose-6-pin-latching cabled-db9yes
mPCIe-COM232-22NoneNone921.6kNoYesHirose 6-pin Latching, Cabled DB9YesShow details2nonenone921-6knoyeshirose-6-pin-latching cabled-db9yes

Ethernet Ports on PCI Express Mini Card (mPCIe)


mPCIe Gigabit Ethernet LAN Card

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Quadrature and Other Counters on PCI Express Mini Card (mPCIe)

ModelQuad InputsCounter ResolutionReceiver TypeCounter TypeXThf:att:pa_quad-inputshf:att:pa_counter-resolutionhf:att:pa_receiver-typehf:att:pa_counter-typehf:att:pa_xt
mPCIe-QUAD-4432-bitISL32173LS7766YesShow details432-bitisl32173ls7766yes
mPCIe-QUAD-8832-bitISL32173LS7766YesShow details832-bitisl32173ls7766yes

Carrier Board Products

Don’t have PCI Express Mini Card sockets? Check out our carrier board products below.

PCI Express Mini Card (mPCIe) Expansion Sockets on PCIe/104

ModelDescriptionmPCIe socketsPCIe Lanes Neededhf:att:pa_pcie-x1-expansionhf:att:pa_pcie-lanes

One PCIe x1 lane to 4 mPCIe sockets Carrier Board

41Show details41

One PCIe x1 lane to 4 mPCIe sockets Carrier Board

21Show details21

Four PCIe x1 lanes to 2 mPCIe sockets Carrier Board

22Show details22

Four PCIe x1 lanes to 4 mPCIe sockets Carrier Board

44Show details44

PCI Express Mini Card (mPCIe) Expansion Sockets on PCI Express (PCIe)


PCI Express to PCI Express Mini Card (PCIe to mPCIe) Adapter

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