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ACCES I/O Products, Inc. system integration capabilities can serve you whether you are building a prototype or shipping production. Development, documentation, sourcing and procurement, assembly, software, thorough testing and support results in a high-quality system you can count on. ACCES maintains strategic alliances with various leading embedded hardware manufacturers ensuring a wide range of affordable, reliable, and complete solutions.


ACCES has the in-house engineering capability to design, develop, supply and support custom embedded systems at the board, software and system level. As well as being affordable and enjoyable to work with, we have one of the quickest concept-to-prototype cycles you will find. We also provide software services at competitive prices. Our custom software department will take your specification for any data acquisition routine, driver, or even full-fledged application, and quickly develop a solution to your satisfaction. With numerous satisfied clients, ACCES has a history of on-budget and often early completion of our custom software projects.

ACCES was founded in 1987 to fill the needs of several local companies entering the data acquisition market. The first products manufactured were custom designs for these local companies, and that tradition never faded. ACCES continues to make custom data acquisition hardware by request, fulfilling the exact specifications of companies both large and small.

In one of our latest undertakings ACCES was brought in to design two 1U rackmount data acquisition and control system projects for Harris Corporation.

ACCES went from a black box specification on paper (over 100 pages!) to completed Engineering Evaluation Units – with chassis, in 10 weeks. In these 10 weeks we developed the two designs from scratch, created schematics, PCB layouts, mechanical and chassis plans, and completed two on-customer-site design reviews – and built it! Full parts procurement and shipment of production units began only 9 months after the RFQ – for two radically different 1U modules developed simultaneously – including FCC testing!

One of these units (DIU) uses a microprocessor and thousands of lines of custom firmware to implement a SLIP protocol custom RS485 4-wire interface to an existing PC-based system, providing 48 discrete motor drivers with over 1 Amp drive capability per channel, and 48 isolated input bits. Over a dozen separate commands are parsed to provide status and control of the inputs, outputs, change-of-state and error detection, and more. All in an over-the-wire field-upgradable EEPROM for future expansion.

The other unit (SSU) switches 48 analog signals between primary and secondary systems to implement fail-over redundancy of data signals. The SSU features complex real-time self-testing, and analysis of “health” signals to automatically detect “fail” condition — all in field-upgradable ISP GAL logic.

With thousands of these units shipped so far, our designs can only be considered an unqualified success.

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