Watchdog Timer Products

Watchdog Timer Cards & Boards


ACCES offers a series of dedicated watchdog timer cards and boards for PC and PC/104-based computer systems. Protect your computer system from mission-critical system failures by continuously monitoring essential system functions (both software and hardware). If a fault or error occurs, these cards automatically generates outputs that can be used to initiate corrective actions, generate alarms, or reboot your computer.

Do you have a software application that is critical to keep running at all times? Do you require an alarm that notifies you if the darkened interior of an enclosure is opened?


ACCES’ feature-rich watchdog boards will vigilantly stand guard over your system and will help avoid costly system failures. These boards can be used to monitor the operation of your application program as well as operating system and will initiate a system reset in case of lockup. In addition, the you can monitor and control a variety of system hardware parameters such as temperature, voltage, fan speed, humidity, and more. These boards were designed to allow for complete peace of mind when planning your next computer or embedded system.

Supplementing the standard features expected from a watchdog timer, ACCES offers a remarkable assortment of additional attributes. These include general purpose optically isolated inputs, isolated digital outputs to control/switch external events, non-isolated digital outputs, general purpose A/D inputs, extended operating temperature (-40°C to +85°C), and more.

Applications include kiosks, industrial automation, military/mission-critical, asset management and tracking, retail, medical, embedded OEM, temperature measurement and many others which require self-reliant embedded systems.

Watchdog Timer Products