We Supply an Extensive Range of Data Acquisition (DAQ) Products and Solutions


These products include analog input, analog output, digital input and output, isolated I/O boards, serial communications and solutions. ACCES also offers complete systems, integration services and enclosures with a quick turn around on custom projects, including software.

Our products are designed for use with USB, USB/104 (OEM), PCI Express, PCI Express Mini (mPCIe), M.2, Ethernet, PCIe/104, PC/104, PCI, Pico-ITXe, Pico-I/O, ETX, EBX, EPIC, USB/PICO,, and ISA, as well as distributed, wireless I/O, and computer-on-module (COM) form factors. ACCES I/O’s leadership in its target markets is the result of technical innovation, breadth of product line, and the indisputable price/performance value that ACCES offers users in solving their real-world industrial/scientific data acquisition and control needs.

Our Vision

To be the #1 trusted source for I/O products and embedded computing technology. We are the Guys to Know for I/O.

Our Mission

Make the world better by supporting innovative thinking, technologies, and solutions.

Offering One of the Industry’s Widest Selection of Data Acquisition (DAQ) Products


These products include signal conditioning, analog and digital I/O, RS-232/422/485 serial communications, isolated input / relay output, and watchdog timer cards, which feature specific, practical functionality.

ACCES is committed to providing long-term availability of our products. Many of our early products (designed in the late 80’s!) are still shipping to this day. Engineers and buyers at ACCES work closely with a variety of component vendors to ensure long product life-cycle in all ACCES products. All products also ship with a complete software suite providing drivers, source code, setup programs, and samples. Most popular operating systems are supported including Windows 7 -> 10, both 32 & 64 bit, Linux (including Mac OS X), and DOS. Third party support includes a Windows standard DLL interface usable from the most popular application programs, and includes LabVIEW VIs. Embedded OS support includes Windows Xpe, WES7, etc., and ACCES is now proudly supporting VxWorks 7. By designing application-specific products with selectable features and minimal jumper settings, users are able to obtain full functionality without additional cost.

Facilities include PCB schematic and layout tools, with a longstanding local PCB manufacturing partner providing fabrication of prototype boards for new designs. Prototype assembly, testing, software engineering, and new product support are all completed in-house. Products are kitted at ACCES and local, qualified PCBA assembly houses complete the assembly processes. All products are finally tested in-house and are sent through our quality control department. Enclosures and metal work is accomplished by using local partners that are experts in manufacturing and finishing.

After the introduction of the PC/104 line of products, the need arose for complete integrated systems including CPUs and enclosures. ACCES leverages its experience from contracts for systems such as with Harris Corporation, to provide a high-quality and reliable system integration service. ACCES I/O’s system integration capabilities can serve you whether you’re building a prototype or shipping production. Development, documentation, sourcing and procurement, assembly, software, and thorough testing provide a high-quality solution you can count on. ACCES maintains strategic alliances with various leading embedded hardware manufacturers ensuring a wide range of affordable and reliable solutions.

A prime example of ACCES I/O’s design and integration capabilities can be shown with its relationship with Harris Corp. Harris Corporation GCSD engaged ACCES in a design and production contract for producing 19” 1U rack-mount I/O systems for a government contract. Formal testing & design reviews, along with formal specifications, were used to produce two qualified units that were slated for quick production at high quantities. The Discrete Interface Unit featured a microprocessor with 48 lines of High-Current digital I/O, full-duplex RS-485 communications with error checking, and more. Over 1300 systems were shipped, with final assembly occurring at the facility, along with another 400 rack-mount units.

ACCES is a privately held, financially strong company. It’s loyal, forward thinking employees continuously anticipate, identify and meet the needs of internal and external customers. ACCES staffs approximately 20 employees (12 of which have over 200 years of cumulative experience at ACCES) consisting of professionals in engineering, sales, marketing, and production departments. With new trends forming, and technologies emerging, ACCES provides the market with current, practical, and easy to use data acquisition products and solutions. Technologies such as PCI Express Mini Cards and the M.2 form factor for embedded systems, Ethernet, and USB-based DAQ are just a small example of present and future applications utilizing ACCES I/O’s data acquisition products and expertise.

Experience Counts!


ACCES is staffed by experienced engineering and technical sales professionals whose decades of cumulative instrumentation expertise have led to a very high degree of product reliability and customer satisfaction. These considerations, coupled with the firm’s standout, three-year product warranty, testify to the excellence that ACCES currently brings, and will continue to bring, to the data acquisition and control market.

With a focus on complete customer support, service, and satisfaction, ACCES has developed a diverse customer base. Serving virtually every type of application including temperature monitoring and control, military and communication systems, flight simulation, automation and many more has enabled ACCES to design new products with the customer in mind.

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