Digital I/O USB Data Acquisition (DAQ) Products

ACCES I/O Products provides a complete family of industrial strength digital I/O products for compact control and monitoring applications. Choose from 4 to 96 channels offering various voltage, isolation and counter/timer options. Using one of our 4-port USB hubs, up to 384 channels of high-density digital I/O can be realized.

In many cases, we only need to know a simple status about the device we are trying to collect data from, whether something is true or false, on or off, in one position or another. In these cases, we can determine what we need to know using a digital input, or control these things by a digital output. Digital I/O can fit into many applications. Anywhere your application requires something switched from one state to another, or a dry contact monitor. These products are ideal for applications sensing TTL, LVTTL, CMOS logic or monitoring dry contacts and to control external relays, drive indicators and audible alarms as well as controlling external devices such as LEDs and system controllers… ACCES I/O's USB digital products will meet the needs of your embedded kiosk, test, control, monitoring and alarm applications.

Our fastest USB digital I/O unit to date (Model USB-DIO-16H), features 16 high-speed buffered digital inputs or digital outputs at continuous, sustained streaming speeds up to 16 MB/s for fast, unlimited waveform length. The module is also capable of 80 MB/s bursts with handshaking signals for synchronizing communications. These modules are especially useful where high-speed data needs to be captured or output for testing or stimulus/response applications. These include testing and debugging, laboratory automation, manufacturing test, image capture, process monitoring, datasource emulation, and many more which require the need for high-speed parallel data transfer.

Digital Input / Output USB DAQ Products
Products # I/O Buf Prog OPTOs Relays Misc Ext temp RoHS
USB-DI16A16 In, Hi-SpeedYes   18 TTL I/OYes
USB-DO16A16 Out, Hi-SpeedYes   18 TTL I/OYes
USB-DIO-16A16 I/O, Hi-SpeedYesYes  18 TTL I/OYes
USB-DIO-16H**16 I/O, Hi-SpeedYesYes  18 TTL I/O 128kByte FIFOYes
USBP-DIO1616 I/OYesYes  OEM Pico sizeYes
USB-DIO-2424 I/OYesYes   Yes
USB-DIO24DO1224 I/OYesYes 12SSR*High side FETsYes
USB-DIO24-CTR624 I/OYesYes  6 counter/timersYes
USB-DIO-3232 I/OYesYes  Up to 9 counter/timersYes
USB-DIO-32I32 I/OYesYes  Individually selectable I/OYes
USB-DIO-4848 I/OYesYes   Yes
USB-DIO48DO2448 I/OYesYes 24SSR*High side FETsYes
U-RDI-5454 InYes   NEMA4 enclosureYes
USB-DIO-9696 I/OYesYes   Yes
USB-II4-OEM4 InYes Yes OEM version (board only)Yes
USB-IIRO-44 In/4 OutYes Yes4 Yes
USB-IIRO-4DB4 In/4 OutYes Yes4DB25 connectivityYes
USB-IIRO-4-2SM4 In/4 OutYes Yes42 COM portsYes
USB-IDIO-44 In/4 OutYes Yes4SSR*High side FETsYes
USB-IDIO-4L4 In/4 OutYes Yes4SSR*Low side FETsYes
USB-II8-OEM8 InYes Yes OEM version (board only)Yes
USBP-II8IDO48 In/4 OutYes Yes4SSR*5-34 VDC at up to 3AYes
USBP-II8IDO4A8 In/4 OutYes Yes4SSR*Two 16-bit A/D inputsYes
USB-IIRO-88 In/8 OutYes Yes8 Yes
USB-IDIO-88 In/8 OutYes Yes8SSR*High side FETsYes
USB-IDIO-8L8 In/8 OutYes Yes8SSR*Low side FETsYes
USBP-DIO16RO816 I/OYesYes 8OEM Pico sizeYes
USB-II16-OEM16 InYes Yes OEM version (board only)Yes
USB-II-1616 InYes Yes  Yes
USB-RO-1616 OutYes  16 Yes
USB-IDO-1616 OutYes  16SSR*High side FETsYes
USB-IDO-16L16 OutYes  16SSR*Low side FETsYes
USB-IIRO-1616 In/16 OutYes Yes16 Yes
USB-IDIO-1616 In/16 OutYes Yes16SSR*High side FETsYes
USB-IDIO-16L16 In/16 OutYes Yes16SSR*Low side FETsYes
USB-DO2424 OutYes  24SSR*High side FETsYes
USB-CTR-15 YesYes  15 counter/timersYes
Buf = Buffered I/O   Prog = Programmable I/O   OPTOs = Optically isolated inputs   Ext temp = Extended temperature option   * Solid state relays   ** Large FIFO   | = Optionally available RoHS ready
Acquisition, Control, Communication: Engineering and Systems

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