System Products

System Products

Economical, high-performance data acquisition system designed for PC/104 and PC/104-Plus configurations. Supports a stack of up to four PC/104 boards plus CPUs (EBX, EPIC, PC/104) covering a wide range of functions such as analog and digital I/O, serial communications, relay and TTL output, and wireless Ethernet options.

Rugged, conduction cooled, PC/104 and PC/104-Plus data acquisition system. Designed for applications requiring superior performance and protection from shock and vibration. Features a removable railed card cage subassembly for easy access and serviceability. Accepts from two to six boards (including CPU and power supply).

NANO I/O Server CD
Smallest, Fanless Intel® Core™ Duo Embedded System with Industrial PC/104-Plus I/O Expansion

Semi-custom ETX baseboards.

Choose from a variety of our enclosures when designing your next custom embedded system.

System integration and custom hardware and software design services

Acquisition, Control, Communication: Engineering and Systems

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