Software Licenses

Available Licenses



This license, created by the non-profit Creative Commons organization, allows you to use and modify our software in any way, as long as you follow two requirements. 1) you must credit ACCES for those portions of the software we wrote or you derived code from, and 2) you must license your software under this same license, or a compatible “open-source” license.

The open-source nature of this license is specifically compatible with the GPL, and many other “Free Cultural Works” licenses, and is considered optimum for non-profit or instructional use.


This license is the standard license ACCES has been producing software under since we began so many years ago. All of our software can be modified, derived from, redistributed, charged for or not, and licensed under any terms you, the end-user or reseller may desire, under one condition: 1) the software remains intended for use with hardware products created and sold by ACCES (the products you find on this website).

We do not require credit, brand name labeling, or any other “attribution” when you use this license. We encourage you to put your own name on our software, charge people for it, and make as much money as you can.

This license can be summarized simply: “Please only use our intellectual property and software with the ACCES hardware products you’re using or reselling.”

License Conversions

The two licenses are, for ACCES, considered interchangeable. Feel free to pick either license, and to change your mind at any point in your development or distribution process.

Other Licenses Available

By all means, if neither of these licenses suits your needs please feel free to contact your Application Engineer to discuss your requirements.


Some software is written “for sale” by ACCES. This software is itself the end product, and is licensed “like a book”. Basically you can do anything you want with the software that you could do with a printed book. You can give it to a friend (or sell it), you can even modify it, but regardless of what you do, you still only have one book at the end. You can tell if your specific software is licensed “LIKE-A-BOOK” very simply: if you were charged for it, it is licensed “LIKE-A-BOOK” unless a different license statement was negotiated.

Other Considerations

ACCES has never charged a per-copy fee, a license fee, a royalty, or any other kind of money for any of its “Software Master CD” software. We do sell a small number of “commercial applications”, such as “Watcher”, and some third-party packages such as LabVIEW. These commercial applications are by default licensed under the “LIKE-A-BOOK” license if it is written by ACCES, or by the third party license where applicable, or they are licensed under the written license negotiated at the time of purchase.