Specifications common to all REMOTE ACCES pods

Serial Communications

Serial Port:
Opto-isolated Transmitter/Receiver compatible with RS-485 specification. Up to 32 drivers and receivers allowed on line.
Pod addresses are programmable from 00 to FF hex (0 to 255 decimal). Whatever address is assigned is stored in a pod in EEPROM and used as the default address at the next power-on.

Asynchronous Data Format:
7 data bits, even parity, one stop bit

Input Common Mode Voltage:
300 V minimum (opto-isolated)
If opto-isolators are bypassed:
-7V to +l2V.

Receiver Input Sensitivity:
±200 mV, differential input.

Receiver Input Impedance:
12 Kilohms minimum

Transmitter Output Drive Capability:
60 mA, 100 mA short-circuit current capability

Serial Data Rates:
Programmable for 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600, 14.4K, 19.2K, 28.8K baud.

(Note: Where the serial communication line is long, data rates may be limited. However, if the opto-isolators are bypassed and the communication cable is short, data rates as high as 56K baud can be realized.)
Line Termination (RS-485): 120 ohms, easily accessed for removal. (Should be present at the end of the multi-drop line only.)


Operating Temperature Range:
0°C to 65°C
(Optional -40°C to +80°C).

Temperature De-rating

The power supply voltage level that you use will affect the maximum ambient temperature that can be tolerated. At higher power levels more heat will be generated by integral voltage regulators. (For example, when 7.5 VDC is applied, the temperature rise inside the enclosure is 7.3oC above the ambient temperature.) Thus, the maximum allowable ambient temperature may be reduced when power supply voltages greater than 7.5 VDC are used.
The equation to use to determine temperature de-rating is:

VI(TJ = 120) < TA ÷ 7
where TA is the ambient temperature in oC and VI(TJ + 120) is the input voltage at which the voltage regulator junction temperature will rise to a temperature of 120oC. (Note: The maximum junction temperature rating of the voltage regulator used is 150oC, so limiting to 120oC provides a safety margin.)
For example, at an ambient temperature of 25oC, the voltage VI can be up to 18.4V. At an ambient temperature of 37.8oC, the voltage can be up to 16.6V.

Storage Temperature Range:
-50°C to +120°C.

5% to 95% RH, non-condensing.
Enclosure meets NEMA 4 requirements.


4.53″ long by 3.54″ wide by 2.17″ high. (115mm by 90mm by 55mm)

Regulatory Compliance

Certification not completed yet. Please check with us for certification status.


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