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  • 50-pin spring-cage terminal board
  • 45 degree angled spring-cage terminals for convenient installation
  • Spring-cage terminals accept 24 to 16 AWG wire
  • Silk screen labeling clearly identifies terminal to corresponding pin number
  • Lowest cost approach for breakout of I/O signals to individual terminals
  • Mount to board, DIN-Rail, enclosure, panel, or plate
  • Small PC/104 and USB/104-size footprint (3.775″ X 3.550″)

KIT Features

  • Spring-cage terminal board kit used for mounting the STB-50U to the enclosure of the USB-DIO-32, USB-DIO-32I, and USB-CTR-15 series of USB products.
  • Includes STB-50U, cable and specialized mounting hardware.
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50-pin Universal Spring-Cage Terminal Board and Kit

The STB-50U spring-cage terminal board allows you to break out signals from an I/O board to spring-cage terminals for easy field signal wiring of relays, sensors, and switches commonly found in industrial environments. It features a standard 50-pin male connector and can be used with any I/O board that has a compatible 50-pin mating connector. Terminal pins are clearly labeled to identify pin number.

The STB-50U can be mounted using the provided 4/40 x ½ inch standoffs to a panel or plate. Additionally, the board can be mounted directly to the enclosure of the USB-DIO-24, USB-DIO-32, USB-DIO-32I, and USB-CTR-15 series of USB modules. With the purchase of the MP104-DIN accessory, the STB-50U can be mounted directly to a DIN-Rail. For OEMs using ACCES USB boards, the STB-50U can be mounted directly to the board itself using the provided standoffs.

Typical mating cables are industry-standard flat 50-pin ribbon cables used to connect with a variety of ACCES I/O’s analog and digital I/O products, including USB, PC/104, and PCI-Express products.

The universal nature of the STB-50U allows for easy connectivity to a variety of ACCES I/O products. It’s compact and small (3.775″ X 3.550″), ideal for tight spaces. What makes the STB-50U spring-cage terminal board unique is that its PCB size and pre-drilled mounting holes match the USB/104 and PC/104 form factors. This ensures a variety of easy and flexible installation and mounting options using standard standoffs.

For old-school applications this product is useful with many of our legacy ISA and PCI digital I/O products.


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50-pin spring-cage terminal board


50-pin spring-cage terminal board with mounting kit