IOB-96 and IOB-48 Isolated FET Output Accessories

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  • 96 or 48 High-Side Power MOSFET outputs
  • Tru-Iso™ I/O-to-PC 3.75kVrms opto-isolated
  • 5.5” × 5.75”,
  • IOB-96 mates directly to USB-DIO-96-OEM
  • IOB-48 mates directly to USB-DIO-48-OEM and ETH-DIO-48-OEM
  • Industrial Operating Temperature (-25°C to +85°C)
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The IOB-96 and IOB-48 optically isolated FET output accessory board is designed to add wide voltage and flexible current output signaling to existing TTL/CMOS DIO signals in a compact high-density accessory.

Each 24-bit group has its own FET supply voltage (Vbb) and return (OUT-) terminal for flexible isolation and signal voltages.

These cards are well suited to complex environments, mitigating otherwise challenging ground-loops, common in electrically-noisy industrial or factory locations. The broad voltage compatibility allows use in a wide range of applications.

These handy accessories plug into our USB products as follows:
The IOB-96 plugs directly onto the top of the USB-DIO-96-OEM
The IOB-48 plugs directly onto the top of the USB-DIO-48-OEM and ETH-DIO-48-OEM.

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No software is needed for this isolated FET accessory board.


Data Sheets

No software is needed for this isolated FET accessory board


  • Channels: 96 (or 48)
  • Type: High Side Power MOSFET Switch.
  • Protected against short-circuit, over-temp, overvoltage, overload, reverse battery, & ESD.
  • Drives resistive, inductive, and capacitive loads.
  • Voltage Range: 11-45VDC (customer supplied).
  • One FET supply voltage (Vbb) and return (OUT-) per 24 FETs
  • Current Rating: 0.2A maximum, each FET
  • Turn On time: 50μsec (typical)
  • Turn Off time: 75μsec (typical)
  • Tru-Iso™ I/O-to-PC: Isolation: 3.75kVrms
  • Opto-isolator Per IPC-22B: 700V isolation I/O-to-Computer on all signals


  • FET Outputs: Terminal Block. Phoenix Contact 1989845; 20-24AWG
  • Vbb and return: Terminal Block. Phoenix Contact 1985027; 16-24AWG
  • Inputs: 50-pin Female IDC headers (×4) with OPTO/GORDOS pinout


  • Length: 139.7mm (5.5“)
  • Width: 146.05mm (5.75“)


  • Operating Temp: -25° to +85°C
  • Storage Temp: -55 to +85 C
  • Humidity: Maximum 90% RH, without condensation
  • Power: 5V@ 450mA, typical with all FETs ON


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48 High-Side Power MOSFET outputs


96 High-Side Power MOSFET outputs