ADAP37(F/M) MINI direct connect terminal adapter cards

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  • Easy-to-use spring cage terminals for I/O wiring
  • Lowest cost spring cage termination solution
  • Connect directly to card I/O connector without any cables
  • Compatible with all cards that use 37D connectors
  • ADAP37F-MINI has a Female DB37 connector with Jack Screws
  • ADAP37M-MINI has a Male DB37 connector with Jack Screws
  • Compares to the STB-37, which is a DIN-rail mountable screw terminal board for applications where the screw terminal board needs to be mounted away from the I/O board via a ribbon cable connection.
  • Uses Phoenix Contact 1985069, and 1985027
  • Accepts wire gauges of AWG 24 to 16
  • Factory option

    • Screw terminals for I/O wiring
Last updated on November 2, 2023, 6:29 pm


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These adapters provide an easy means to connect field wiring to I/O cards, plug directly into the card’s I/O connector, and extend out the back of the computer.
The ADAP37F-MINI has a female DB37 connector and is designed to mate with a male 37-pin connector.
The ADAP37M-MINI has a male DB37 connector and is designed to mate with a female 37-pin connector.

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Direct Connect terminal board with DB37F


Direct Connect terminal board with DB37M