PCI Express multi port RS-232

Categories: Thought Leadership

Our first PCI Express (PCIe) multi-port serial board family is ready to go!

The PCI-COM232-8 family of products includes low-profile (MD1) boards and normal PCIe versions, eight port and four port. All boards support 430kBaud RS-232, but you can also get 960kBaud versions, and we support custom baud rates like 64000 or 50000, just call us for details.

These new boards are supported in all flavors of Windows with a slick driver, but are also completely compatible with normal 16550 UARTs – the board can be used as if it were simply eight normal UARTs sitting in the system: every operating system should handle it great!

With 128kByte per-channel input and output FIFOs, up to 921.6kBaud RS-232 rates, and perfect compatibility you can’t go wrong with the PCIe-COM232-8.