Signal Conditioning

In the world of data acquisition and control one of the major problems is electrical interference (EMI), and the negative impact it has on signal-to-noise-ratio and overall reliability. One of the ways to combat EMI is through signal-conditioning.

Signal Conditioning is also useful in providing application flexibility, reducing system interfaces required, and more.

Sub multiplexers are a way of increasing the number of useful channels, generally on Analog Input boards, by multiplexing multiple input sources onto a single electrical signal for the host DAQ board to acquire. ACCES' line of sub-multiplexers includes onboard signal conditioning, as well.

Signal Conditioning Products
AIM-16 Sub-Conditioner and Sub-Multiplexer
IIB-24 Digital signal-conditioner - converts 24 TTL inputs into optically isolated inputs
(allows reading 3 to 31VDC or VAC signals with any standard TTL digital input port)
LVDT-8U 8-Port LVDT / RVDT Excitation, Signal Conditioning
ROB-8A 8-Port Electromechanical Relay Card
ROB-24 24-Port Electromechanical Relay Card
ROB-24H 24-Port Electromechanical Relay Card, High Current Rating (For add-on options, see ROB-24)
A16A Solid-state I/O Modules and Cards
A24A Solid-state I/O Modules and Cards
Acquisition, Control, Communication: Engineering and Systems

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