Triple Output DC/DC PC/104 Power Module


  • PC/104 Bus 30/40Watt DC/DC Power Supply
  • Up to 85% Efficiency
  • Three Input Voltage Versions:
    • 12V Nominal, 9VDC-18VDC (30W)
    • 24V Nominal, 18VDC-36VDC (40W)
    • 48V Nominal, 36VDC-75VDC (40W)
  • Triple Output Voltage:
    • (12V version is 30Watt Max)
    • +5VDC up to 5A
    • +12VDC up to 800mA (not to exceed 30W total)
    • -12VDC up to 800mA (not to exceed 30W total)
  • Voltage Status LEDs
  • Reverse Power Protection on Inputs
  • Resettable Fused Input Line
  • Fully Protected Outputs
  • Can be populated on either side of the board to allow for heat-sinking in fanless application requirements
  • Temperature range with heatsink -40 to +50°C, up to 105°C with derating of 1.3% per °C (no air flow)
The design incorporates a 16-bit pass through PC/104 connector, molex power input connector and voltage status LEDís. Since heat is always a factor to consider in any system design project, the DC/DC converter can be populated on either side of the board to facilitate heat sinking to one end of an enclosure, with the CPU heat sinking to the other end of the enclosure.

This triple output version can be ordered with or without a heatsink. At up to 85% efficiency, a dynamic input range and full protection on inputs and outputs, this power supply is very versatile and appropriate for many PC/104 based applications.

The Input Power Connector is a Four-pin standard Molex type connector at the edge of the board. Itís the same connector as used on a CD-ROM so itís easy to set up and test a system with a local +12V computer power supply.

Fully software transparent, the 104-PWR-512 occupies no resources; zero I/O memory locations, IRQs, DMA channels or bandwidth of any types are consumed. Compatible with all operating systems and software.

Drivers and Downloads

Full list of available Downloads: Software Packages, Drivers, Manuals, and other documents

Custom Software

ACCES also offers Custom Software Services for our products. Our prices are unbelievably low, often as inexpensive as free! If you need something tweaked to support your needs, or an entire enterprise application developed from scratch, it is definitely worth your time to inquire with us, first.

Further information about available ACCES Software:

Redistributing Windows Drivers
A list of ACCES drivers and the files that compose them under different versions of Windows, so you can easily redistribute ACCES cards and drivers.


Output Characteristics

  • OutputVoltage Set Point on 5V: ±1%, Factory set
  • OutputVoltage Set Point on ±12V: ±5%, Factory set
  • Ripple/Noise on 5V: 1% P-P measured at 20MHz bandwidth
  • Ripple/Noise on ±12V: 1% P-P measured at 20MHz bandwidth
  • Short Circuit Protection: Continuous
  • Overvoltage Protection: 135% Clamp type

Input Characteristics

Input Characteristics 12 24 48 Unit/Comments
Input Voltage 9-18 18-36 36-75 VDC
Under Voltage Shut Down 8 16 30 VDC (min)
Over Voltage Shut Down 25 45 80 VDC (max)
Minimum Input Current 660 330 185 A (min)
Full Load Input Current 3.541 2.00 0.992 A (max)
Efficiency by Model 80 83 85 % (typ)
Switching Frequency 360 to 440 KHz, Factory set
Operating Temperature -40 to +50 °C, up to 105°C with derating of 1.3% per °C (no air flow)
Storage Temperature -55 to +125 °C
Relative Humidity 5 to 95 %, non-condensing

CE testing & approval must be done at the system level, in the designed enclosure, and is not done on individual boards.

ModelPrice (USD)

NOTE - Specify "-HS" to include heatsink as an extra-cost option. Specify "-R" for population of DC/DC converter on reverse side of board.

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